Do you want a chance to earn $200 in 5 minutes?

All you have to do is install Appu Chrome browser extension and send us generated reports. If you are interested in participating, stop reading, click on "ADD TO CHROME" button at the top of this page.

To let us know that you have participated in the competition, follow steps 1 & 2 on this page.

That's it!!

In addition, if you refer your friends and family to use this software, you will win $5(in gift cards) for every 10 users(referral program). If you are interested in referral program, follow step-7.

After sending 4 reports, you would be expected to fill out a small survey about your usage experience. After that, you will automatically become eligible for a lucky draw to win $200 worth of gift card. Results will be declared on 1st June. Winner would be informed by email. We would also disburse gift cards for referral program around the same time.

Please read on for more details:
  1. Install the software on a browser that you use most to browse Internet. Click on "ADD TO CHROME" button at the top of this page, to install the software. After installing Appu, create a username by going to its menu and clicking on "Log-in". Remember this username and password and keep it safe with you (no need to tell us what your username and password is).

    You can install it on multiple machines to increase your chances of winning. To do so, follow step-6.

  2. Send us your User-Id to this email-id "[email protected]" (You can find your User-ID by going to "Appu Menu -> Check Report". You can find User-ID under "Bookkeeping" section). Format of the email should be:

    Subject: "[appu-lottery] appu my-id".
    Content of the mail should be:
    My User-ID: XYZ
    My contact id: your_email_address
    (Please follow this format since we will use automatic parsing)

  3. You should be above 18 years of age to participate in this.

  4. You can install software from You will also find more information about the project on that site.

  5. If you have any queries, shoot us an email at "[email protected]".

  6. You can install it on more than one machines and browsers (but please login to Appu using same username and password generated in step 4). If you install it from multiple devices/browsers and send us at least 2 reports from each device/browser, we will increase your probability to win the draw proportionately. You need not tell us that you have installed Appu on multiple devices. We will automatically detect that.

  7. When your friends install the extension, in addition to an email in step 4, have them send us their User-ID as well as your User-ID as referring id (You can find your User-Id by going to "Appu Menu -> Check Report". You can find User-ID under "Bookkeeping" section). Mail format should be:

    Subject: "[appu-lottery] appu referral".
    My User-ID: XYZ
    My referrer-ID: ABC (referrer's email-id)

    (First is ID is your friend's ID who you have referred and is sending us an email. Second is your own ID with your email address in parenthesis. Please follow this format as we will use automatic parsing).

    Please remember that you will get $5 for every 10 users only after they have sent us at least 4 reports and filled out the survey. It takes roughly 12 days to generate 4 reports. Also hurry up, as depending on the response, we would freeze up the referral program after a while.

  8. Your reports will be anonymized and will not contain any personal information belonging to you. Your information stays on your computer. We only collect metadata about your online data.

  9. We are a bunch of computer science researchers who are investigating user's online browsing habits. Particularly, we are investigating complexity of passwords used on various websites and kind of data stored in online accounts(not the data itself). After you install Appu, it will monitor your passwords and it will also actively download your personal information such as name, address, phone number to your computer (with your permission). You can get insights in your own behavior by checking Appu's reports. When we report to our servers, we do not send any of your passwords or personal information to the servers. However, we will send metadata such as "User X(a randomly generated ID assigned to you) has used same password on Gmail and Facebook" or "User Y has shared same credit card number on Amazon and JimmyJohns". In both cases, we won't actually report the password or the credit card number.

  10. You can verify that the software only does what we have said here by reading its source code. The entire source code for this project can be accessed at: Also, when you install the browser extension on Chrome, the source is automatically available to you on your machine for that version.

  11. We reserve rights to disqualify anybody without giving any reason.

  12. We reserve rights to stop more intake to the lottery scheme at any time.