CMSC 330
Organization of Programming Languages
Fall 2012

December 21

Final course grades have been submitted. They are available (or will be after an unknown delay, depending upon how quickly the University updates things) from either Testudo, or MyUMD. Please do not email the instructional staff asking what your grade is; just check Testudo or MyUMD later, as they will be available there.

A few statistics about grades will be posted here in a day or two, so check back then if interested.

December 10

  1. Regular course office hours will run through 4:30 tomorrow (Tuesday the 11th) as per the regular schedule. Then the following extra office hours will be held after that:

    Tuesday (11th)
    Wednesday (12th)
    Larry (1111)
    Thursday (13th)
    Larry (1111)

  2. Just FYI, the averages you see for coursework in the ELMS gradebook are not really accurate, because they include students who didn't do the coursework.  For example, the Quiz #5 average shows as 29.75, but when you exclude the students who didn't show up to take the quiz, the real average is actually 34.8 (a very good result).  So in looking at the grade statistics, just keep in mind that the results on coursework are generally better than they appear.

November 29

Exam #2 solutions are posted (hopefully no typos).

November 27

New problems #1 (d) through (h) have been added to the second set of grammar practice problems.

October 11

As mentioned in lecture, this Friday afternoon the regular 3-5 office hours will be 2-4 instead.

October 10

There was a mistake in the posted office hours handout that has been corrected; if you copied or printed the PDF please do so again (so you don't show up to office hours at a time that is actually incorrect).

September 21

Project #1 is now posted.

September 19

The office hours handout is available under Administrative and information on the left.  The office hours are beginning tomorrow.

September 7

Lecture slides are posted under Lectures on the left.

August 29

Welcome to CMSC 330!
  • Make sure you always have a correct and working email address entered in the Univesity's records on Testudo.  Check and change it at here if necessary.

  • If you don't have one already, apply for a TerpConnect account, which will be used for programming work in this course, at

Who What Where When
Larry Herman instructor, sections 0101, 0102, 0103 AVW 1111, 405-2762 Mon 5 - 6, Wed & Thurs 10 - 11
Dr. Nick Feamster instructor, sections 0201, 0202, 0203, 0204 AVW 4135, 405-8010 Tue 4:45 - 6
Tommy Pensyl teaching TA, 0101 & 0102 AVW 1112 Mon 2:30 - 4:30, Wed 3 - 5
Tammy Tran teaching TA, 0103 & 0201 AVW 1112 Tue 2:30 - 4:30, Thu 12 - 2
Derek Juba teaching TA, 0202 & 0203 AVW 1112 Tue 12 - 2, Fri 3 - 5
Varun Nagaraja teaching TA, 0204, and grading AVW 1112 Mon 11 - 1, Wed 1 - 3
Hao Li grading TA AVW 1112 Thu 3:15 - 5, Fri 10:45 - 1