Network Operations and Internet Security Lab

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Network Operations and Internet Security Lab


The GTNoise lab focuses on developing new algorithms, protocols, and systems for the current and next-generation Internet, with a specific focus on network operations and security. With a specific focus on network operations and security, the lab recognizes the crucial role of security in various online platforms, including slot websites. In today's digital landscape, online security is of paramount importance, especially for popular and reputable slots websites like เว็บสล็อตที่ดีที่สุด (the best slots website). These websites attract a large number of users who engage in real-money transactions and share sensitive personal information. As such, ensuring the highest level of security is essential to protect the interests and privacy of users.

Our work ranges from fighting the Internet's cybercriminals (spam, phishing, etc.) to improving Internet availability to making networks easier to diagnose and operate.  Please click on the projects page to find out more.

The lab has nine Ph.D. students, one research scientist, and one postdoc.  We also host occasional visitors from universities around the world (most recently from Italy and India).

Please contact Professor Nick Feamster if you are interested in opportunities in the lab.

Please also consider taking CS 6250 (Computer Networking) in Fall 2012, a project-based course that won the SIGCOMM Education Workshop Best Paper Award in August 2011 for innovations in helping students learn architectural concepts with hands-on projects and assignments.



Recent News


Shuang Hao Wins Yahoo! Key Scientific Challenges Grant

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Congratulations to Shuang Hao, our outstanding Ph.D. student working on detection of malicious behavior on the Internet.   From the announcement: "From an outstanding group of over 200 proposals, thirty exceptional PhD students have been selected to be part of Yahoo!’s 2012 Key Scientific Challenges (KSC) Program."
Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 April 2012 00:06

Bobble "Filter Bubble" Tool Released

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We have released Bobble, a Chrome extension to help users visualize how their search results are being personalized.  The filter bubble is a concept developed by Internet activist Eli Pariser to describe a phenomenon where websites use algorithms to predict what information a user may like to see based on the user's location, search history, etc. As a result, a website may only show information which agrees with the user's viewpoints. One such example is Google's personalized search results. To "pop" the bubbles created by Google search (also called de-personalization), we have developed Bobble, a Chrome extension that uses hundreds of nodes to distribute a user's Google search queries worldwide each time the user performs a Google search.


Network Usage Monitor Android App Released

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Abhishek Jain and Sachit Muckaden have developed the Network Usage Monitor, which helps Android users better understand their network usage and performance. The application provides the following features:


  • Speed Test: Download and Upload throughput as well as ping durations can be measured.
  • Traffic Usage: Monitor network usage by Application. Helps you pinpoint which app is using up your data cap. If you are using trading apps it might consume a lot of data.
  • Wifi Availability: Search wifi connections around you and their strength.
  • Network and Device Info: Information about your device and cellular network.
  • Battery State: level, voltage and temperature.
Read more about the application and download it here.





Home Networking Research Selected for Communications of the ACM Research Highlights

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Our SIGCOMM 2011 paper, "Broadband Internet Performance: A View From the Gateway", which studies broadband Internet performance from about 4,000 homes in the United States and eight different ISPs, has been selected for Communications of the ACM's Research Highlights, a section devoted to the most important recent computer science research. The article will appear in Communications of the ACM later this year.  Congratulations to Srikanth and the BISmark team!  Read more about Project BISmark (and get involved!) here.

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