Network Operations and Internet Security Lab

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Year: 2012
  • M. Konte and N. Feamster. "Re-Wiring Activity of Malicious Networks". 2012. [Digital version]
  • M. Motiwala, A. Dhamdhere and N. Feamster. "Towards a cost model for network traffic". 2012. [Digital version]
Year: 2011
  • S. Sundaresan et al.. "Helping users shop for ISPs with internet nutrition labels". 2011. [Digital version]
  • H. Kim, T. Benson, A. Akella and N. Feamster. "The evolution of network configuration: A tale of two campuses". 2011. [Digital version]
  • S. Hao, N. Feamster and R. Pandrangi. "Monitoring the initial DNS behavior of malicious domains". 2011. [Digital version]
  • J. Zhang, X. Luo, R. Perdisci, G. Gu, W. Lee and N. Feamster. "Boosting the Scalability of Botnet Detection Using Adaptive Traffic Sampling". 2011. [Digital version]
  • N. Feamster and J. Rexford. "Getting Students' Hands Dirty with Clean-Slate Networking". 2011. [Digital version]
  • S. Sundaresan, W. de Donato, N. Feamster, R. Teixeira, A. Pescape and S. Crawford. "Broadband internet performance: A view from the gateway". 2011. [Digital version]
  • W. Lee, D. Dagon, J. Giffin and N. Feamster. "Countering Botnets: Anomaly-Based Detection, Comprehensive Analysis, and Efficient Mitigation". 2011. [Digital version]
  • A. Ramachandran, A. Dasgupta, K. Weinberger and N. Feamster. "Spam or ham?: characterizing and detecting fraudulent not spam reports in web mail systems". 2011. [Digital version]
  • T. Koponen et al. "Architecting for innovation". 2011. [Digital version]
  • V. Valancius, C. Lumezanu, N. Feamster, R. Johari and V. V. Vazirani. "How Many Tiers? Pricing in the Internet Transit Market". 2011. [Digital version]
  • M. Yu, J. Rexford, X. Sun, S. Rao and N. Feamster. "A survey of virtual LAN usage in campus networks". 2011. [Digital version]
  • K. L. Calvert, W. K. Edwards, N. Feamster and R. E. Grinter. "Instrumenting Home Networks". 2011. [Digital version]
Year: 2010
  • K. Calvert, W. K. Edwards, N. Feamster, R. Grinter, Y. Deng and X. Zhou. "Instrumenting Home Networks". 2010. [Digital version]
  • N. Feamster. "Outsourcing Home Network Security". 2010. [Digital version]
  • M. B. Anwer, A. Nayak, N. Feamster and L. Liu. "Network I / O Fairness in Virtual Machines". 2010. [Digital version]
  • R. Perdisci, W. Lee and N. Feamster. "Behavioral Clustering of HTTP-based Malware and Signature Generation using Malicious Network Traces". 2010. [Digital version]
  • N. Feamster et al.. "Decoupling Policy from Configuration in Campus and Enterprise Networks". 2010. [Digital version]
  • S. Burnett, N. Feamster and S. Vempala. "Chipping Away at Censorship Firewalls with User-Generated Content". 2010. [Digital version]
  • V. Valancius, N. Feamster, J. Rexford and A. Nakao. "Wide-Area Route Control for Distributed Services". 2010. [Digital version]
  • M. B. Anwer, M. Motiwala, M. Tariq and N. Feamster. "SwitchBlade : A Platform for Rapid Deployment of Network Protocols on Programmable Hardware". 2010. [Digital version]
Year: 2009
  • Í. Cunha, R. Teixeira, N. Feamster and C. Diot. "Measurement Methods for Fast and Accurate Blackhole Identification with Binary Tomography". 2009. [Digital version]
  • M. Tariq, M. Motiwala, N. Feamster and M. Ammar. "Detecting General Network Neutrality Violations with Causal Inference". 2009. [Digital version]
  • M. Tariq, A. Mansy, N. Feamster and M. Ammar. "Measuring VLAN-Induced Sharing on a Campus Network". 2009. [Digital version]
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