• Deploy DipZoom
    1. collect user to user measurement
    2. collect server locations
    3. collect user to servers measurement
    4. collect random measurements
  • Re-implement network topology to power scaling - Figure 8 from Barford paper
  • Collect network power consumption data
  • Readup DipZoom
  • Readup Skitter/Archipelago
  • Readup Drafting behind akamai
  • Measure GW CPU/HDD speed and power load
    1. Get the gateway
    2. Push a server inside gateway
    3. Measure power
  • Read up Laurent's locality protocol


Random notes

Meeting Notes


Related Papers

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  • Network traffic growth trends by Cisco (paper)
  • Power-saving talk by Jeff Mogul (slides)
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  • Reducing Network Energy Consumption via Sleeping and Rate-Adaptation @ NSDI08 (paper | notes)
  • What-If Scenario Evaluation @ SIGCOMM08 (paper | notes)
  • Managing energy consumption costs in desktop PCs and LAN switches with proxying, split TCP connections, and scaling of link speed @ Journal of Network Management (paper | notes)
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  • Disseconomies of scale (link)
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